October 12, 2011

Through Tear Stained Eyes

I recently purchased a 50mm f1.8 AI-S Nikkor lens and let me tell you. I am in loooooove. I really want the AF-S version though as it'd be a lot more appropriate for someone who really enjoys doing self portraiture and it seems that the AI-S version has some limitations with my camera. I thought I did enough research but I guess not!

The past few weeks have been tough on me. My carpal tunnel has really flared up, leaving me unable to stay on the computer long enough to do anything (I have several portraits I am dying to edit!). Because of this, I have been pretty quiet lately, trying to stay offline, let my hands rest, etc... but I just had to take some pictures or else I would lose my mind. I'm very much someone who has to keep my hands busy at all times, whether it's through web/graphic design, photo manipulations, taking pictures, doing research, writing, fiddling with yarn, sewing, etc. But I can't do anything that is too hard on my hands. So luckily I got my 50mm lens at the perfect timing and started to experiment with it by taking pictures while going out for walks in the trickling rain. It's not exactly pain-free but it's better than the other options.

It feels like I've discovered a whole new magical world through the 50mm lens. Everything feels really dreamy. I've been looking around as I walk, more than usual, to see if there's anything I want to take a picture of. It's making me slow down. Which was much needed. The nice thing about taking pictures like this, is that it requires very little photo-editing (or else I couldn't do it right now). It's basically beautiful on its own. Of course I did do some editing but everything that doesn't take hours to edit feels like nothing to me! As I posted a few on my flickr page, a friend commented saying that one picture seemed as if we were looking at it with tears in our eyes and it felt so perfect to me. Yes. That's what it feels like.

I am so excited to keep exploring.

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