September 15, 2011

Moments of Beauty

Recently my love and I went camping with her parents and I made sure to bring my camera for some snapping. I'm not really one to take too many pictures of nature. I'm much more of a portraiture photographer but I want to try and step outside of my box and try some other things... and slowing down to take some pictures of little lovely things is a great way to feel peaceful.

While crouching around in nature taking pictures, I had to think of my mom, who is an amazing photographer. She takes a lot of incredible nature photographs to the point where it stops being pictures of nature but something outworldly. Her eye for detail is stunning. One day she will have a website and I will promote the heck out of it! While thinking of her and her work, I realized how a lot of inner peace must comes from this type of work. How could it not?

It was a wonderful trip.

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