Hello there! My name is Zoée (pronounced ZO-ay, but nobody ever does as far as I know) and my name sign is a Z moving away from my right temple. I have a name sign because I'm Deaf. I communicate through ASL and written English and daydream about one day finally learning written French (and Quebec Sign Language) as half of my family is from Quebéc. One day, one day.

I live in Vancouver, BC with my partner Maya. I grew up on an island off the western coast of BC. This is where I met my love of three years. We recently moved to Vancouver a bit ago and I'm loving getting to know this city. In the past I've also lived in Pennsylvania and Texas during my early 20's.

I'm somebody who always seems to be doing something. It's quite hard for me to stay still, although I'm getting better at it. I'm deeply in love with digital manipulation and could lose myself for hours with this. I have a long history of crafting, everything from crocheting to quilting to spinning my own yarn. I used to be a bit of a pack rat who would love to collect everything but in order to peacefully co-exist with my partner, I've been trying to cut back and not buy everything rooster themed thing I see. But it is pretty much guaranteed that you will always see something rooster related in our home, along with creepy dolls.

To learn more about me and this blog, please check out the FAQ page. Thanks so much for dropping by, feel free to say hello!


  1. Just found you. In love. Totally.


    1. Awww, I'm honoured! :) Thanks for dropping a line. How did you find me?

      I'm going to go check your blog out now!

  2. Love that I have found another blogger with a partner. I have been looking for a blogger to relate to in that way, but also that was an interesting blogger and you definitely meet my criteria (not that I was looking for much). But I found you on and your blog name caught my attention. Nice to meet you and thanks for the info...


    1. Hi Christina! I know right? It's surprisingly hard to find other queer (LGBT+) bloggers around here (that also post about things that interest me). Thanks so much for saying hi, and it's really nice to meet you! I took a look at your blog, that's awesome you're starting to homeschool your kid! I've thought a lot about doing that one day when we have kids. :) Good luck!